Why does “smoke” come out of the plane’s air conditioner?
It happens quite a few times before takeoff: while boarding the plane and sitting down, you suddenly see that something that looks like smoke is coming out of the air vents that are next to the storage compartments and is spreading in the plane. Sometimes this even succeeds in worrying the passengers who think it is a malfunction. At the time of the corona, there were also conspiracy theories that it was a disinfectant spray for the plane. The real answer is of course much simpler.In practice, it is simply cold air that comes out of the air conditioner on the plane and meets the heat and humidity in the passenger cabin, especially when a large number of people enter. The meeting of the cold and the heat causes the cold air to turn into dew drops that create fog, which also looks like smoke. The greater the contrast, on hot days for example, the more fog is created.

Most of the time, this phenomenon passes very quickly because the difference between the temperatures balances out, the dew drops disappear and the cold air continues to escape without us seeing it. This is also the reason why we will see this fog only after boarding the plane, before it takes off, and not during the entire flight.

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Pilot Eran Ramot explains: “This phenomenon is actually water vapor that condenses to become a cloud or fog. The air is very humid outside and the air conditioning or cooling that goes through the air conditioning systems of the plane or the engine, causes the air to condense and create a kind of fog. It is not smoke. It is completely normal “.

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