The candy that can cause you trouble at the airport
Many of the travelers returning from destinations such as Austria, Germany and even Greece, bring with them a box of marzipan, an almond-based candy, which can also be a perfect gift for friends or a sweet treat for yourself. However, this innocent indulgence can be a very serious problem at the airport.Marzipan has a density that reflects certain types of explosives. This similarity in density can set off alarms in airport security systems designed to detect potentially hazardous materials. The X-ray scanners common in airports rely on differences in density to identify suspicious objects, and marzipan’s density, similar to that of certain explosives, can cause false alarms, lead to unnecessary delays and potential security concerns.

The science behind the suspicion has to do with the fact that explosives are usually dense materials, more so than most common items that travelers carry in their luggage, perhaps with the exception of books which can also sometimes arouse suspicion. Marzipan is made from almond flour and sugar and shares similar density characteristics to explosives, making it difficult for security scanners to distinguish between the two.

To avoid the trouble that marzipan can bring with it in a suitcase, travelers are advised to take extra care when packing their luggage. One solution is to pack marzipan in your hand luggage because security personnel can check the items manually if necessary, rather than risk setting off alarms in the baggage systems that are sent to the belly of the plane. Alternatively, travelers can opt for commercially packaged marzipan, which may undergo less scrutiny due to its standardized appearance and labelling.

It is important to say that although marzipan can set off the alarms of security inspections due to its similarity to certain explosives, this delightful candy does not pose any threat. The deceptive density of the marzipan is, as mentioned, because of the sugar and almonds and certainly not because of explosives.

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