This is the best water trip in Israel
The expected forecast for Saturday (15.6) in selected places:Hermon up to 32 degrees | Tiberias (Kinneret) up to 43 degrees | Haifa up to 31 degrees | Tel Aviv up to 32 degrees | Jerusalem up to 38 degrees | Mitzpe Ramon up to 38 degrees | The Dead Sea up to 46 degrees | Eilat up to 47 degrees

Hot, how hot. The weather doesn’t give up, but we don’t give up on getting out into nature and we will recommend to you this week (and probably in all the coming weeks) sources of refreshing water in safe places (which are defined as such according to the Home Front Command), as of the moment of writing the column. It is always recommended to be updated on the relevant channels whether there is any restriction on trips in the recommended areas. And of course, take lots and lots of water, a hat and sit or walk in shady places.

And of course, great longing for the water excursion routes in the north in the front, and I wish we could return to them soon and return our beautiful region to a renewed bloom.

Where are you traveling this week?

Majersa Nature Reserve – the mouth of Nahal Daliot. Paid nature reserve of the Nature and Parks Authority, open during the whole week (those who hold a cache card, free entry, according to the normal procedure, others pay). The route is not long and really fun. It is important to prepare for walking in the water and in some sections also up to the height of an adult’s chest. It is advisable not to bring bags or valuables, because during the swim it will be a problem to leave them out of the water, if there is no choice and you need a cell phone or a car key, bring a waterproof bag with you in advance and keep the equipment.

What to write in Wise? Majersa Nature Reserve – the mouth of Nahal Daliot. Drive on the Kinneret bypass road (No. 92). At the Ma’ale Gamla intersection turn west at the square and from there on the asphalt road continue according to the “Majersa” signs.

A road story

The walking distance is not long, about 800 meters in each direction. The challenge is more for those who do not know how to swim, or for small children. It is very important to arrive prepared accordingly, for swimming. You can walk and swim in the “wet track” which is tremendous fun, cool water at the mouth of Nahal Daliot, among the vegetation of the stream, the birds and disconnection from the world outside.

On the way back you can walk in the “dry route”, Walking outside the stream, back to the entrance parking lot of the Nature and Parks Authority. Along the stream, you can get out at several points, sit down to rest, wade your legs, or retire from walking in the water and walk the parallel path. As mentioned, the route is not long, but because of the water walking it takes longer. Leave you about an hour and a half (round trip).

A few more worthwhile recommendations in the area

If we have already traveled all the way to the Sea of ​​Galilee, then of course you can choose to continue the day on one of the beautiful beaches. One of the renovated beaches recommended for families, is Doga Beach. You can come to Yom Kinneret, or stay for the night. There are several types of accommodation on the beach, go to the website and choose. In any case, it can certainly be a successful combination, both a water course and a Kinneret stiletto.

Another option – a visit to the wing (south of the plateau) At the “Azizo” lavender farm. About a 15-minute drive from Majersa to the farm. The lavender blooming season starts at the end of May and continues until the beginning of August (depending on the weather) during this period. You can also enjoy a tour of the farm and see the gorgeous purple blossoms, truly Provence for a moment.

and another option, Kayaking in the Hatziha Valley, Beit Habak and the lagoons, there are several companies and private guides that organize it, usually the most suitable is a cruise at sunrise or at dusk, not during peak heat hours. Check out the options and combine such a challenging and special experience.

And where do you eat?

In the adjacent Ma’ale Gamla seat there is The “Nino” coffee cart – Nino, which is located in a location with an amazing view of the Sea of ​​Galilee. If you get to the cart after a hike in Majersah, you can actually look out over the place you just hiked. In the cart are sweet and savory pastries, sandwiches and of course drinks, all made by the hands of Nir the confectioner, one of the owners.

“Mushbotz”, Moshav Ramot. An old and very successful restaurant, specializing in meat. In Moshavetz, emphasis is placed on the use of local materials and products, mainly from the Golan. There is also a store to purchase products, an option for tours of the farm and meat workshops. It’s really worth getting to know and coming to eat there. Also open on Saturdays, book a place (about 10 minutes drive from Majersa).

Cafe Moise, Moshav Ramot. A coffee cart to be precise, located in the Lol Art workshop complex. You can combine a creative workshop for children here, or buy a kit to make at home and of course drink and eat something. The place is kosher and closed on Shabbat.

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