7 days of slow living in the 'most poetic' ancient capital of Thailand

The ancient capital of Sukhothai in northern Thailand is visited by many tourists who like to experience slow living and voted “the most romantic city in Thailand”.

Reader Tu Nguyen, Ho Chi Minh City, who has traveled to Thailand many times, shares about his slow travel in Sukhothai, northern Thailand in 2023.

Sukhothai is more than 400 km north of Thailand’s capital Bangkok. It was the first capital of Thailand more than 800 years ago, lasting for three centuries. In ancient Thai, Sukhothai means “happiness”. In the opinion of tourists who love ancient and pure beauty, Sukhothai is favorably named “the most poetic city in Thailand”.

Ancient Buddha statue at Wat Si Sawai in the Sukhothai relic complex. Image: Tu Nguyen

Starting from Chiangmai city, we rented a motorbike to Sukhothai to experience the scenery on a journey of about 300 km. The road from Chiangmai to Sukhothai is beautiful, with rolling mountains and forests. Around July is termite mushroom season, people go to the forest to pick mushrooms and sell them along the roadside. Termite mushrooms are fresh and delicious and can be used to make many dishes.

The ancient capital belongs to Mueang Sukhothai district of Sukhothai province, about 10 km from the district center. Today, Sukhothai is named a “heritage park”, the scale of the park can make visitors “overwhelmed” with nearly 70 square kilometers and 200 relics from the 13th to 15th centuries scattered throughout. in the lush green forests and surrounding city walls.

In the relic complex in Sukhothai, the most prominent are the almost intact temples such as Wat Mahathat, Wat SaSi, Wat SiChum, Wat SiSawai, Wat Sorasak. Each temple has a different architectural style, keeping visitors for many days to explore and admire it all. To visit all the monuments in Sukhothai, visitors can choose a form of “slow living” such as walking, cycling or renting an electric car at an affordable cost.

The monuments in Sukhothai reflect the glorious civilization of the ancient capital preserved over many centuries. Sukhothai Historical Park is a witness to the grandeur of the ancient dynasty, home to ancient palaces and religious sites surrounded by moats and ancient walls. Phra Achana or the Statue of the Speaking Buddha at Wat Si Chum is surrounded by stone walls creating a magical image. Wat Mahathat is a place to worship and express respect – the stupa-shaped temple is a unique and important work of art in the relic complex.

In Sukhothai, I had a week of slow living with unforgettable impressions. Experience staying at a homestay in the middle of the forest, every day cycling through paths shaded by rows of trees and stopping in front of a solemn ancient temple, enjoying the feeling of peace. The best time to fully feel the beauty of Sukhothai is when sunset gradually falls. The sun shines brightly and then gradually fades over the quiet pagodas, and the majestic Buddha statues that have stood firm over time make people’s hearts admire. The pure ancient beauty of Sukhothai is the reason many tourists have called this place “the most romantic and poetic city in Thailand”.

Walking around Sukhothai night market to enjoy typical Thai dishes such as grilled meat, papaya salad, and tomyam is also an interesting activity. The night market is not too big but neat and clean, with rich and attractive dishes, friendly and polite sellers.

Cycling to explore Sukhothai historical park is an interesting experience. Image: Tu Nguyen

Sukhothai was recognized as a World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in 1991 and is a “rising star” of Thai tourism. For those who love to explore culture and live slowly, Sukhothai is a destination not to be missed.

In addition to ancient relics, Sukhothai province also has tourist activities such as watching marigolds blooming at Ban Pak Khwae marigold field, admiring natural landscapes and learning about Lanna civilization in Thung Saliam district. , visit crockery shops – a traditional craft passed down through many generations in Si Satchanalai. Tourists should also not miss the Loy Krathong lantern festival with thousands of candles lit on the river when coming here in December.

The cost of the experience in Sukhothai is about 1 million a day for two people, including homestay accommodation (about 450,000 VND a day) and meals and car rental.

To have a full experience in Sukhothai, visitors need at least two days in this place. From Bangkok to Sukhothai or big cities like Chiangmai, there are convenient bus routes. Not a big name, but tourism services in Sukhothai are professional, complete and convenient for tourists from accommodation, dining and travel.

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