This island is the secret gem of Greece
While Greece boasts some of the most popular vacation destinations, there is one that often gets overlooked – Amorgos. It is the easternmost island of the Cyclades, and is perhaps best known for being the location where the French film Le Grand Bleu was filmed in 1988.Described as the “secret jewel of the Cyclades”, remote and dramatic, Amorgos offers tourists an authentic Greek experience, and is less crowded than many of the other islands. From water sports and excursions, to architecture and delicious local delicacies, this hidden gem could be perfect for your next summer vacation before it becomes a tourist-packed mainstream destination.

What to do in Amorgos?

As with many of the Greek islands, Amorgos also has plenty of beaches and coves to relax and swim in. Moros Bay (Mourous) It is one of the most popular in Amorgos, known for its turquoise waters and unique rock formations. If you feel like snorkeling, there are some spectacular small caves that you can swim to. However, this is a small stretch of sand, and although it is Amorgos and there are hardly any tourists, the place can still be a bit crowded.

As one of the spots where the movie Le Grand Bleu was filmed, Ayia Anna Beach is another popular beach. It is also quite small, but is known for its calm waters with tourists enjoying jumping off the rocks into the sea below. There is also a small chapel here to visit if you want a short break from the sun. Close to Kalotaritissa beach is the Olympia Ship, a ship that sank in 1980 when the captain tried to find shelter from a storm. This is another popular diving spot on the island, and most boat cruises stop here.

Far from the beaches is the Hosobiotisa Monastery (in Hozoviot), A white building dazzling in the sunlight from the 11th century, squeezed into a cliff 300 meters above the sea. To get to it you have to climb, but there is often a ranger on site who offers a refreshing glass of pesimi raki (a local liqueur) and some delicacies. However, you should remember that this is a place of worship and the dress code is quite strict – so pack extra modest clothes if you’re coming directly from the beach.

If you want to wander through picturesque Greek streets, go visit Chora, the beautiful capital of the island. Here you will find a 13th century Venetian castle, famous windmills and winding cobbled streets. The main town square is a great place to have an iced coffee in the Greek heat.

And if you’re looking for nightlife, Amorgos has that too. in the village of Agiali (Aegiali) On the street known as “Sunset Boulevard”, there is a row of restaurants and bars, each of which has amazing views of the sunset. Coffee bar Embassie and-Mestro They are the most popular places, perfect if you want to dance the night away.

Armagos is also a lovely island for hiking, with routes ranging from one to four hours. The walk along the ancient paths in the city of Kora passes the Hosobiotisa monastery and continues to the white village of Langada, on a route that is approximately four to five hours long. If you are looking for a slightly less strenuous trail, the Fotodotis trail also starts in Kura and ends in the village of Katapola, with an hour’s walk.



How expensive is Amorgos?

The highest expenses will probably be related to getting to Amorgos. At the same time, when it comes to the attractions on the island, the most expensive of them is snorkeling, with tours of the diving center on the island that start at 35 euros (about NIS 140). Admission to popular tourist attractions such as the Hosobiotisa Monastery and the Botanical Gardens is free.

When it comes to food and drink, dinner at Loukaki Ksana – the highest rated restaurant on the island – is quite cheap. According to reviews from the place, it is about spending between NIS 25 and NIS 52 per dish here. It is also a favorite among locals as well as tourists.

Even in the hotel sector, prices in Amorgos are affordable, with rooms starting at NIS 330 and going up to NIS 455. Of course it depends on the type of room and the type of hotel, but even the most luxurious hotels on the island have lower prices than on other similar islands.

How do you get to Amorgos?

Although there is no direct flight to Amorgos, there are many options to get there. The most popular routes are via Athens or Santorini, after which you can take a ferry to the island. A single ferry ticket, even in June, costs around NIS 350 with about six hours of sailing. Alternatively, you can fly to Santorini and from there the ferry ride is much shorter, only about an hour and 15 minutes, and costs about NIS 300.

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