12 things not to do in Dubai

The United Arab Emirates, led by Dubai, has quickly become one of the most popular destinations for Israeli tourists, and even on the upcoming Independence Day quite a few will spend the long weekend here. But despite its high popularity, it is a destination with quite a few bans and procedures Imprisonment.So here are 12 things to know before coming to statements and can definitely help you in your upcoming vacation.

  • Drug use or carrying in Dubai

    The UAE has a zero-tolerance approach to the use of any type of drug. The policy includes consumption or carrying of any quantity or type of drug. In case you visit Dubai and you are found carrying drugs, you risk arrest and trial for a serious offense, where the maximum penalty can even reach the death penalty. In the past, many people were imprisoned and even deported due to the fact that drug remnants were found in their blood, even though they were consumed in another country.

    Zero absolute tolerance in relation to the use of any type of drug | יח”צ:
    New Africa, shutterstock


  • Photography of locals without their permission – mostly women

    According to the cybercrime laws of the United Arab Emirates, it is a crime to photograph people without their consent. No matter how great the urge to capture the locals through your camera lenses, do not do it. Visitors should also be careful not to flirt with local women over time, try to have an unwanted conversation with them or bother them. Also avoid posting such photos on social media as local residents may find them and file a lawsuit against a photographer.

    Dubai filming (Photo: SV Production, shutterstock)
    In Dubai it is a crime to photograph people without their consent | Photo: SV Production, shutterstock


  • Contempt for local religion and culture

    While visiting any country in the world, visitors are expected to respect the culture and religion of the destination country. In Dubai this is a real matter, as those who show disrespect for traditions, customs, local culture and the religion of Islam, may find themselves behind bars.

    Dubai Parade (Photo: Frankris, shutterstock)
    Respect local tradition, culture and religion | Photo: Frankris, shutterstock


  • Demonstration of public affection in public places

    While there is no doubt that the UAE is a popular destination for honeymooners and couples, it is imperative for visitors to be aware that the country does not allow public affection. In fact, even kissing in a public place can lead to the couple being jailed. Hence, it is better to avoid all kinds of expressions of affection when visiting Dubai. The policy applies to all public places in the city, including bars and clubs. Note that in Dubai also do not accept a hug from a friend or acquaintance if the latter belongs to the opposite sex.

    Dubai People (Photo: Mo Azizi, shutterstock)
    Avoid showing excessive affection in public | Photo: Mo Azizi, shutterstock


  • Public drinking

    While in the UAE there are a number of clubs and bars that serve alcohol, visitors should be careful about drinking alcohol in public. It is forbidden to drink in such places where there is no business that sells alcoholic beverages. It also means that visitors are not allowed to carry beers on public beaches or while walking down the street. Instead, tourists should look for one of those many places where alcohol is allowed.

    Dubai at night (Photo: Creative Family, shutterstock)
    Save the alcohol for restaurants and clubs | צילום:
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  • Public use of drugs

    Tourists with a medical background who require them to take medication are usually required to pack them in their luggage, and keep them as modest as possible. For that matter, a tourist traveling with anti-anxiety medications should pack them properly in a suitcase along with the doctor’s prescription. It is important to note that it is often considered illegal to display drugs and pills in public, even if it is a prescription one, and whoever is caught can go to jail and be sentenced to at least four years.

    Dubai Airport (Photo: Imran Khan's Photography, shutterstock)
    The drugs should be put in a suitcase and not taken out in the public space | צילום:
    Imran Khan’s Photography, shutterstock


  • Import of prohibited substances

    Make sure you do not carry pornographic material with you when you visit the UAE. Also, avoid browsing adult websites while on vacation. The Dubai government has blocked all sites related to gambling, dating, etc. Beyond that, some erotic adult books, as well as fashion magazines featuring naked women, are banned as well. It is also important to note in this context that the import of pork to the UAE is illegal.

    Dubai Airport (Photo: Sorbis, shutterstock)
    Pay attention to what you bring into Dubai | Photo: Sorbis, shutterstock


  • Curses in public space

    In Dubai tourists should be careful with the language, especially when outdoors or when talking to locals. Control the use of profanity and keep all the slang, curses and insults to yourself during your visit to Dubai, and do not forget that some of the curses used daily in Israel are of course in Arabic. It is important to know that in Dubai the online space is also considered public, and the use of blatant language both in it and in public, can lead to imprisonment or expulsion from the country.

    In this context, it is also worthwhile to avoid disparaging or showing displeasure towards the royal house, as this action can also lead to a particularly unsympathetic encounter with the law enforcement authorities in the country.

    Dubai People (Photo: M7kk)
    Keep language clean in public space | Photo: M7kk


  • Get dressed in herMatch To gender

    Because Dubai is not so open to different sexual orientations, one has to dress according to gender. This is the accepted norm in the country, and the violator may risk arrest. In 2008, the police in Dubai arrested about 40 tourists for this reason, so this is a law that should be respected if you plan to come here for a vacation.

    Dubai (Photo: Red Eye Stock, shutterstock)
    On the streets of Dubai dress accordingly | צילום:
    Red Eye Stock, shutterstock


  • That was In a hotel for a person under the age of 18

    Tourists wishing to travel to the UAE after graduating from high school will probably have to give up the destination for now. In fact, staying in a hotel in Dubai under the age of 18 unaccompanied by an adult is illegal.

    Atlantis Dubai Hotel (Photo: shutterstock)
    Minors staying in a hotel without an adult escort is illegal | Photo: shutterstock


  • Dancing in the public space

    Believe it or not, public dancing in Dubai is actually considered provocative. If you want to avoid severe fines, make sure you dance in licensed clubs or between the four walls of your room. Even listening to loud music in Dubai is banned in public, and could result in severe punishment if found guilty.

    Dubai Club (Photo: AzimOrunov, shutterstock)
    You will demonstrate the dance steps in the club or hotel room. Club in Dubai | Photo: AzimOrunov, shutterstock


  • Wear revealing or disrespectful clothing while visiting the city

    You will be pleasantly surprised to know that the UAE makes it easier with the way people dress than many may think, and although dress codes are not the same across the UAE, most allow tourists to wear Western clothing. However, it is important to dress respectfully when visiting Dubai. This means that tourists should dress according to the place they are visiting. Avoid wearing sheer, immodest, revealing clothing in public places. Swimwear or bikinis can only be worn in pools, water parks and beaches. Women should avoid wearing dresses with a deep neckline.

    Dubai Beach (Photo: berni0004, shutterstock)
    The swimwear was kept for pools and the sea | Photo: berni0004, shutterstock


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