NBS: As of tomorrow, the owner of Sberbank in Serbia is Agroindustrijsko komercijalna banka AIK banka Beograd
Agroindustrial and commercial bank AIK banka ad Belgrade concluded today with the National Bank of Serbia (NBS) an agreement on the acquisition of shares of Sberbank Srbija ad Belgrade on the basis of which it will acquire 100% ownership in that bank, the NBS announced tonight.With this change, Sberbank Serbia, as stated, ceases to be part of the banking group headed by Sberbank Europe AG, Vienna, Austria and becomes part of the domestic banking group.

“Having in mind the new circumstances related to the business of the previous shareholder from the European Union, the NBS made a decision to initiate the procedure of restructuring Sberbank, which enabled the NBS to sell its shares directly,” the statement said.

It adds that “by expanding their business and combining their business models, banks will be able to offer even better services to their clients, combining the expertise and technology of both banks and their many years of experience.”

As stated, AIK Bank, with this acquisition, increases its market share and becomes one of the largest banks in the country.

“The transaction of transferring the shares of Sberbank to the ownership of AIK Bank will be realized tomorrow morning,” it was stated in the announcement.

The NBS pointed out that “Sberbank is a highly capitalized and very liquid bank, which has no and will have difficulties in fulfilling its obligations and whose clients have no reason to worry, and by selling the bank, Sberbank Serbia’s clients become part of a strong domestic banking group.”

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