American Airlines allows you to travel with pets and hand luggage in the cabin

The airline American Airlines has made its policy on the luggage allowed in the cabin more flexible and from now on you can take a person on the plane pet in a carrier which, depending on the breed and size, may be carried on board along with an additional article.

The transportation of pets in the cabin is limited to cats and dogs that meet the requirements of size, age and destination specify.

The pet must remain during the trip in the carrier, which must fit comfortably and be closed or zippered, and under the seat in front of its owner throughout the flight. Therefore, the carrier size cannot exceed the space under the seat.

The combined weight of the carrier and your pet cannot exceed 9.07 kg.

American Airlines considers an additional item, which may be brought with the pet, to be a purse or a small bag or an eligible piece of carry-on luggage that fits in the overhead compartment of the plane.

Only one piece will be allowed as hand luggage, and two will not, in addition to the transport.

The company only accept seven carriers on flights of American Airlines, except for assistance animals, and 5 carriers on American Eagle flights; of first class.

On the other hand, pet strollers must be checked in at the ticket counter and all checked baggage charges apply, according to the new regulations.

The new regulations have come into force in order to offer the company’s customers a “more convenient and comfortable experience,” according to a statement.

The company only accepts checked-in pets for U.S. military and Department of State personnel traveling on active duty, and transportation must comply with all guidelines for checked-in checked animals.

Before this change, travelers traveling with a pet had to pay a supplement or additional fee of $150 (about 140 euros) and limit their carry-on luggage to one piece that would fit under the seat. If it exceeds the established size, the pet must go in the hold of the plane and the larger items must be checked in at a cost of 35 dollars (about 32. euros).

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