“Al Mal Capital” is preparing for new acquisitions in education and health

Nasser Al-Nabulsi, CEO and Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al-Mal Capital, explained that the company, through its fund “Al-Mal Capital REIT”, has developed a plan to expand in terms of real estate investments, which are focused on the education and health sectors only, as it intends to acquire a new school and hospital within… The next few days after the success it achieved in the deal for real estate assets belonging to a British school in Dubai, with a total value of 410 million dirhams.

With this expansion and new acquisitions, the number of portfolio assets increases to 6 schools and a hospital with a total value exceeding one billion dirhams.

Al-Nabulsi confirmed in statements to Al-Khaleej that the company does not plan to expand or enter into other investment areas outside the education and health sectors, which are witnessing sustainable growth and a low margin of risk. He said: “Our real estate fund has achieved stable growth over the past years, and the book value recorded an annual growth of 10%, and guaranteed a guaranteed return to shareholders and investors of 7%.”

Al-Nabulsi said that the local financial markets recorded successes in terms of public offerings for many companies in the recent period, which requires a “warrior’s break” to re-evaluate.

He pointed out that the idea of ​​privatizing many companies and offering them for public subscription on the Dubai Financial Market and Abu Dhabi Securities Market was successful, and witnessed a strong demand that reflects the attractiveness of the UAE’s investment environment in various sectors that are likely to witness further growth in 2024.

Regarding the trend to impose a corporate profits tax (9%), the CEO and Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al Mal Capital explained that it is a sound trend for building countries, and will be gradually adapted to over time.

The CEO and Vice Chairman of Al Mal Capital stated that the continuous and rapid growth in Dubai surprises everyone in light of the decline in inflation rates, and the success of the UAE government in dealing with the “Corona” pandemic, which has formed a strong point of confidence for everyone in various fields.

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