‘Uno por uno’ is born, the Royal Theater project to “involve civil society” in promoting music

Mastercard and the Royal Theater they have presented ‘One by one’, an initiative in Spain that promotes economic donations to finance four projects, promoting the involvement of civil society in promoting music and the performing arts, inclusive education, youth support, affordability and environmental advocacy.

For this, six terminals have been installed in different areas of the Royal Theater, created and configured for the service of direct donations from individuals, which will be operational from November 13 and for a year, coinciding with the premiere of the opera ‘Parthenope‘, de Georg Friedrich Handel.

Thus, financial donations can be made through contactless payment, with a bank card or mobile device. Spectators can donate from 1 euro and choose the amount with which they prefer to contribute, as well as benefit from the corresponding tax relief.

This project has the commitment of Mastercard to match each donation (up to a maximum of 30,000 euros), that is carried out. The four projects proposed on this occasion are ‘Social Program-Inclusive Musical Group’, which shows how the inclusion of neurodiversity is possible in a space of artistic and musical excellence.

‘Young Talent Program’, with the development of the Crescendo program, which seeks to promote the talent and training of young people for their integration into the world of work. ‘Accessible Royal Theater’, with an application that allows you to download the subtitles of the work that is being represented to follow it in a synchronized way. AND ‘Priceless Planet Coalition’, a global platform launched by Mastercard in 2020 with the aim of joining efforts on sustainability.

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