Умерла актриса Евгения Брик, жена режиссера Валерия Тодоровского

On February 10, actress Evgenia Brik died at the age of 40. Journalist Ekaterina Gordeeva announced her death on her Facebook page.

Evgeniya Brik. short biography

Evgenia Brik (née Khirivskaya) was born on September 3, 1981 in Moscow. They named her after her paternal grandfather, Yevgeny Abramovich Krein, who was a journalist. The actress took the surname Brik in honor of her paternal great-grandmother Sophia Brik as a stage name. At the age of five, she was selected as a fashion model at the All-Union Fashion House of Clothes on Kuznetsky Most. At first she studied at a gymnasium with in-depth study of the English language, then moved to a school at the Shchepkin School. A graduate of the Mstislav Rostropovich Music School in piano.

In 2004 she graduated from the Russian Academy of Theater Arts (GITIS) (workshop of Alexander Zbruev). At the beginning of 2006 and at the end of 2008 she worked at radio “Mayak” as a host of a night program paired with Oleg Bitov.

Over the 20 years of her film career, she has played in more than 40 films and TV shows. Among them: “Hipsters”, “The Geographer Drank His Globe Away”, TV series “Thaw”, “Adaptation”, “Romanovs” and many others.

Husband – film director Valery Todorovsky. Since 2008, the couple has lived permanently in the United States. The couple came to Russia to work. Daughter – Zoya (12 years old).

On February 10, 2022, actress Evgenia Brik passed away. It is known that she was seriously ill recently.

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