The artist who painted Franco’s tomb locks himself up dressed as a Guantanamo prisoner to urge the Supreme Court

The Corus Artist Enrique Tenreiro In October 2018, he painted a dove on the dictator’s tomb Francisco Franco in the Valley of the Fallen. Now, Tenreiro has started a sit-in in an art gallery window in his city to protest the “delay” in the Supreme Court’s resolution on his case.

This is how he explained it, in statements to journalists, on the occasion of a bull run that the owner of the gallery, Camilo Chas, has explained as a “performance artistic”, which will be done periodically in the establishment, and which the sculptor has described as a protest action.

Tenreiro locks himself up, he assures, to highlight the delay of the Supreme Court on his case, after having been acquitted in 2022 of the charges. crimes against freedom of conscience and acts of desecration and damage.

“The basis of the trial was the time of the graffiti,” the artist recalled after specifying that the testimony of a civil guard proves that “he did not interrupt the mass.” Despite his acquittal, he appealed to the Supreme Court, which now has his ruling pending.

“It’s been almost two years; you think if they are taking their time to overturn the sentence, if they have to condemn me.” I prefer it to be now because, perhaps with a subsequent government there will not be the slightest possibility“said the artist, who fears that, if the acquittal is not confirmed, he will have to ask for pardon.

Enrique Tenreiro has insisted that his objective when he painted Franco’s tomb was to vindicate “freedom” and has assured that his intention is to spend three days, in line with what was stated by the gallery owner who has indicated that “in principle” it will be until the Friday the bull run.

He will do it in a three-square-meter showcase, in which he has simulated a room with a small plant and a television, a side table, a chemical toilet and other elements such as a blanket, as well as books.

They are performance, He says, it also seeks to show “that justice is just another service.” “Why do we Spaniards have to wait for the Supreme Court to take years?” I can’t rest easy until I ratify my acquittal“, Tenreiro added, that he wore an orange jumpsuit like “a prisoner in the United States” during his confinement.

For his part, Camilo Chas explained that comments can be left in the window, without censorship, and that there will be a forum in which people will decide on Friday what food the artist will eat. On Thursday appointments will be made through a social network.

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