Mexico: Girl is born with a tail at birth |  News

EVERYTHING was involved in this birth: hands, feet, nose, ears – AND a little tail

A girl was born in Mexico with an extremely rare appendage. When doctors examined the newborn immediately after the cesarean birth, they found a tail nearly two inches long on the baby’s bottom.

An extraordinary discovery: only around 50 such cases have been documented all over the world. Like the portal ” ScienceDirect” summarized, the formation of a human tail can occur more or less accidentally – “without any prenatal or familial history,” it says.

Also in the case of the girl from Mexico, the tail formed from nothing. There were no abnormalities during the pregnancy; the mother of the child was also not exposed to radiation or unfavorable environmental factors. The child is the daughter of two healthy parents in their late twenties.

When it was determined after two months that no medical complications were to be feared in the event of surgical removal, experts freed the girl from the extension, which was exactly 5.7 centimeters long and between three and five millimeters thick.

A final examination revealed no abnormalities. The little patient was discharged healthy and without any after-effects on her health.

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