Maidan Keller, who was hospitalized after using an electronic cigarette, was pronounced dead
The 16-year-old boy Midan Keller from Rehovot died tonight at the Schneider Hospital, this after he was hospitalized in the last few days due to the collapse of his lungs due to the use of electronic cigarettes. Keller arrived at the medical center when his lungs were in a serious condition. The doctors connected him to ventilators in order to stabilize his lungs.Tonight, the sticker connecting the ventilator and the boy fell off, and his death was determined shortly after midnight. Yariv Keller Baruch, the boy’s father, recounted the last moments: “I left his room for a few minutes, when I came back he was no longer alive. He told me the day before that the sticker was bothering him, he was constantly scratching that area, we don’t know what exactly It happened, maybe the sticker fell off or he scratched hard and dropped it. We didn’t think it would end so badly.”

The father added: “The late Midan was an amazing child, we lost a treasure. A smiling child, only in the 10th grade, what a tragedy. What a loss, we still can’t digest. “Electronic cigarettes are a terrible thing anyway, and there is a market for smuggling fake cigarettes, he fell hard with that”

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