` – The founder of Emergency Gino Strada died today- He was 73 years old- The news of the death was confirmed by Emergency and by her daughter, Cecilia-

“Friends, as you may have seen my dad is gone- I cannot reply to your many messages that I see coming, because I am in the middle of the sea and we have just made a rescue- I wasn’t with him, but of all the places I could have been — well, I was here with ResQ – People saving people saving lives- This is what my father and mother taught me- “This is her message on Facebook-” I embrace you all, strong, I am close to you, and we feel when we can “, she concludes-

The first reactions

“Defending man and his dignity always and everywhere- This is the best lesson of Gino Strada that we must never forget- My closeness to his loved ones and to all of Emergency”- This is how Health Minister Roberto Speranza remembers it on Twitter-

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