Does diabetes affect male physiology?

People with diabetes are at higher risk of sexual problems, in which common complications are erection problems, retrograde ejaculation or balanitis.

Doctor CKII Nguyen Van Phuc, Department of Andrology, Central Military Hospital 108, said diabetes mellitus (diabetes) is a metabolic disorder that causes excessive glucose in the blood to be higher than normal, causing many damages. to organs in the body. At that time, men may experience metabolic diseases such as atherosclerosis, hypertension, and stroke. On the other hand, men with diabetes may face the risk of sexual dysfunction.

“People with diabetes have a higher risk of sexual problems,” Dr. Phuc said, adding that research shows that men with diabetes, especially those who are overweight, are at risk of decreased testosterone. 2 times higher than people without it, which can affect sexual desire.

One of the other problems is the inability to have an erection. Diabetes directly affects blood flow to the genitals. When blood vessels cannot circulate, not enough blood reaches the penis, making it difficult to have an erection.

Retrograde ejaculation is also a problem men encounter. The reason is that the nerves are damaged, so when ejaculating, the muscles in the bladder neck do not close tightly, leading to semen being ejaculated back into the bladder.

More seriously, men can become infertile if retrograde ejaculation occurs because sperm flows into the bladder instead of into the female vagina.

Another annoying complication of diabetes is inflammation of the foreskin and foreskin, manifested by frequent itching and cracking in the glans and foreskin. In addition, men with diabetes are susceptible to infection when performing circumcision procedures.

According to Dr. Phuc, men with diabetes need to have their health carefully monitored. Men need to improve their nutrition, exercise scientifically, limit fried foods, fast foods, high-sugar foods, and use natural essences such as oysters, sea pine… to Enhances endogenous testosterone and nitric oxide.

The goal is to improve general health, stabilize blood sugar and blood pressure. At the same time, more blood circulates to the genitals, thereby helping men regain their form in marital life.

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