Yle: Ari-Pekka Lattu, the former SE man of the fence race, has died at the age of 43 – Sports

The barn was a multiple Finnish champion in the 400-meter fences.

Successful runner Ari-Pekka Lattu has died at the age of 43 exhausted from a long illness. Mightily according to Latu’s family told about it on Thursday on the man’s Facebook page.

The Lattu held a record of 49.36 Finnish 400-meter fences from 2003 to 2014. On the same trip, he took four Finnish Championship golds, four Finnish Championship silver medals and one bronze medal in 2001–2009.

Lattu represented Finland at the World Championships in Helsinki in 2005. He placed 19th in the 400-meter fencing.

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