The Kymiring motorway is being filed for bankruptcy – the parties are silent in their comments

The MotoGP race, designed as a track attraction, was canceled this summer due to safety deficiencies.

In Iiti Kymiring oy, the background company of the Kymiring motorsport track located in.

According to the insolvency register maintained by the Legal Register Center, Kymiring oy has filed for bankruptcy with the Kouvola-based construction company Macra oy and Maanrakennus Pekka Rautiainen ky. The bankruptcy filing was filed on Tuesday, June 28th.

“We have agreed with these creditor companies that I would not tell you how big the receivables are and what they are all about,” the deputy judge Martti Koskinen told HS on Wednesday.

The law firm Martti Koskinen represents both Macra oy and Paanka Rautiainen ly in the bankruptcy case. Koskinen instructed Kymiring to address the issues related to the bankruptcy application Riku Rönnholm half.

“He is the company’s CEO and knows exactly why and how much,” Koskinen added.

Kymiring Oy:n On Wednesday, CEO Rönnholm informed HS that the company was aware that a bankruptcy application had been filed.

“However, we have not yet received the application, so we are not commenting on it at this stage,” he added.

According to Yle’s information The creditors have receivables of approximately EUR 370,000 and EUR 264,000 from Kymiring.

“Kymiring’s board and owners will discuss the matter internally tentatively today and in more detail after the application and its contents have been disclosed,” Rönnholm wrote.

Macra Oy:n managing director Jari Suomela said To Etelä-Suomen Sanomatthat unpaid bills have accumulated since May. The amount to be collected is almost 400,000 euros.

“When the bills are unpaid and things don’t progress anyway, then go like this. This has been more of a rule than an exception with that customer, ”said Suomela.

According to him, the situation has been repeated three times before.

“There have been payment difficulties throughout the construction of Kymiring. There have been similar situations in recent years. Payments have been received through a long wait. ”

Kymiring has suffered numerous difficulties. The MotoGP race, designed as a track attraction, was canceled this summer due to safety deficiencies.

CEO Rönnholm told HS at the end of May that the biggest shortcomings in the track area were in the tire ramparts.

Kymiring had had difficulty finding bolts or a conveyor belt at the time, Rönnholm added. In a press release, he wrote that the uncertainty was due to “supply chain delays and disruptions caused by the geopolitical situation”.

According to Rönnholm, Kymiring’s biggest concern, namely the accumulation of tire powers, was also due to the prevailing world situation, ie the war waged by Russia in Ukraine.

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