Neymar: Mbappé is the most successful with women, he is too beautiful

One of the most intriguing trio in the world of football today is without a doubt Leo Messi, Neymar and Killian Mbappé. The three stars of Paris Saint-Germain have not yet entered the 2021/22 season smoothly and are still struggling to deliver the goods expected of them together.

Neymar was interviewed for ‘Oh My Goal’ and participated in a question-and-answer game in which he had to answer every question asked, who is better on the specific topic – he, Messi or Mbappé. The Brazilian was first asked who would score in the Champions League final to be held this year in St. Petersburg and answered without hesitation: “The three of us will win. We are going to win 1: 3, with a goal from each of the trio. “I do not care who will win, as long as Paris wins, I’m fine.”

next final of the Champions League? All three (him, Messi and Mbappé). We will win 3-1 with a goal from each of us. »

– Actu Foot (@ActuFoot_) November 19, 2021

On the question of who is the most impressive in training, he did not have too much trouble answering: “Messi is the most impressive of the three of us in training. Although he does simple things, he does them beautifully. ”

In an interview with Oh My Goal, Neymar delivered a question-and-answer game in front of him every now and then, Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappé.https: //
– RMC Sport (@RMCsport) November 19, 2021

Asked who talks the most about the pitch, Neymar replied reluctantly: “I’m afraid the three of us are equally. We do not talk too much, but we do talk anyway. But the one who really talks the most is Marcinius. He talks too much. ”

Neymar had a hard time answering when asked who kicks the best penalties: “It’s very difficult.” But in the end he decided: “I think Messi kicks the best penalty of the three of us.” As for the one who dresses best, he replied: “I, and Mbappé the worst.” And what about success with women? Here Neymar is absolutely sure: “Killian is most successful with women. He is beautiful and he is too successful. “

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