Christian Eriksen’s first interview after the collapse: “I was dead for five minutes”

He is deeply touched that so many people are worried about him and his state of health and continue to do so. “It was extraordinary. It has been a great help to me to have all of the sympathy. And people are still texting me. I thanked everyone and I want to thank everyone, ”said Eriksen, who had to terminate his contract with Inter Milan. In Italy, no athlete is allowed to play with a defibrillator. How his career will continue is open.

The goal is the World Cup in Qatar

Eriksen himself definitely wants to go back to the big stage. “My goal is to be at the World Cup in Qatar. I want to play, ”said Eriksen. “It’s a goal, a dream. Whether I will then be nominated is another matter. But it’s my dream to come back. ”

He is sure that his comeback could work: “Because I don’t feel any different. Physically I’m in top form again. ”He wanted to go back to the national team and show that his collapse was only a one-off and will not happen again. “My heart is not an obstacle,” emphasized Eriksen. Whether he comes back is now up to the coaches.

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