5 days after the third dose of Covid vaccine: Swiss sprint star Sarah Atcho suffers from pericarditis

The Swiss track and field athlete Sarah Atcho has to take a break for several weeks. As she announces on Instagram, she suffers from pericarditis.

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The Swiss track and field athlete will be out for several weeks.

Sarah Atcho suffers from pericarditis.

According to her statement, she felt the first pain a few days after her third corona vaccination.

The WHO points out that vaccines against Covid-19 are subject to extensive testing.

This news comes as a shock. Swiss track and field athlete Sarah Atcho announced bitter news on Instagram late Monday evening. So she writes that she suffers from pericarditis, an inflammation of the heart.

For this reason, the 26-year-old has to step back in the next few weeks. “I am now not allowed to increase my heart rate for a few weeks so that my heart can rest and the inflammation can heal. I’m still doing everything I can to keep my muscles flexing with my trainer and he’s doing a great job, thanks.”

The track and field star, who actually wanted to start the 4×100 meters at the Olympics in Tokyo but dropped out due to depression, felt the first pains in his chest five days after receiving the third dose of the vaccine against Covid-19 at the end of December. Atcho suspects a connection with the booster vaccination; the sprinter writes this on Instagram, who receives a lot of encouragement and get well wishes from her fans under the post.
WHO banner under her post

She continued: “I feel helpless as it is completely out of my control… I am glad that the vaccine has prevented many deaths and reduced the pressure on hospitals and hospital staff, but I am frustrated that I and others young and healthy people are suffering from these severe side effects.” She also regrets that the topic of side effects is not addressed more.

According to Swissmedic, very rare suspected reports of heart disease in a possible connection with the use of mRNA vaccines against Covid-19 are currently being investigated worldwide. To date, Swissmedic has received relatively few ADR reports (reports of adverse drug reactions). A large WHO note can also be seen under Atcho’s Instagram post. This states that “vaccines against Covid-19 are subjected to extensive tests to check their safety and effectiveness. They will then be closely monitored.”

According to a study from Israel, the risk of developing pericardial or myocardial inflammation after a Covid 19 infection is significantly greater. According to the study, which included data from around 1.7 million people,  the risk is around four times as high.


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