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Kurt Zouma’s cats have been removed by the British animal protection organization RSPCA, and the Frenchman has even been fined more than 2.2 million kroner by West Ham

West Ham’s French central defender Kurt Zouma no longer has any cats after they were removed on Wednesday.

Kurt Zouma has gotten into a violent storm after videos abounded of him on the net where he hit and kicked his cat while laughing.

The videos caused great outrage and a petition calling on the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) to go into the case reached nearly 100,000 signatures in a very short time, and the animal welfare organization has now responded by removing Zouma’s cats and taking them in their custody.

It writes Sky Sports.

In addition to the cats, West Ham has also awarded the Frenchman the largest possible fine of just over 2.2 million kroner, which is donated to animal welfare organizations.

Violent storm
To the surprise of many, Kurt Zouma started the match against Watford on Tuesday night, and the criticism of both Zouma and David Moyes has not gone unnoticed.

On Tuesday night, however, Kurt Zouma was with from the start, when West Ham met Watford in the Premier League to the great astonishment of many, including Gary Lineker, who called David Moyes tone deaf after he chose to start with the Frenchman.

Several French politicians, including Muriel Fusi, a spokesman for the French Animal Party, do not believe Kurt Zouma should be allowed to represent the French national team.

Marine Le Pen, leader of the large French party Rassemblement National, has also been criticized by Zouma.

– It’s a shame. I believe that people who are capable of abusing animals are also capable of abusing humans. Violence is never trivial.

Whether there will be a further aftermath is still unknown, but the punishment for animal cruelty in France could end in four years in prison if the offenses are serious enough.

Spectators buh by Zouma after abusing his cat.

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