MotoGP of Catalonia, Espargaro wins the Sprint Race.  Bagnaia out on the last lap

After the pole position achieved a few hours ago, Aleix Espargaro triumphs in the Sprint Race of the Catalan Grand Prix in front of his fans. The Aprilia rider is grateful for Francesco Bagnaia’s incredible crash during the last lap while he was leading (third consecutive retirement in a ‘short’ race). Second place once again for an extraordinary Marc Marquez with the Ducati Gresini (started 14th), followed by Pedro Acosta with the KTM GasGas. Fourth place for Jorge Martin’s Ducati Parma, leader of the World Championship. Bagnaia’s start is very good and allows him to immediately gain the lead of the race, but the two-time reigning world champion is chased by Acosta, who overtakes him at the beginning of the third lap, taking first place from him. The one with the most pace up front, however, is a surprising Raul Fernandez, who attacks his rivals with great ferocity and even tries to break away before making a bad mistake that costs him a fall on the fifth lap while he was first. Binder takes the lead, overtaking Acosta, but the South African also throws everything away two laps later, ending up in the gravel. He thanks Bagnaia who in the meantime takes back everything he had built at the start, dragging a perky Espargaro with him. Acosta remains in the podium area, but the KTM GasGas rookie is put under attack by Marc Marquez, who started 14th and was also able to get in front of Martin. The biggest twist, however, comes during the last lap: Bagnaia falls a few kilometers from the checkered flag, so the host Espargaro wins ahead of Marc Marquez and Acosta.

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