Protection and availability in an emergency: the server farm of the aerospace industry
The Aerospace Industry and the Tectonic company, from the Amram Avraham Group, signed a cooperation agreement to establish a server farm that will serve all customers of the defense system, government ministries, emergency organizations and the paramilitary organizations. In addition, it will provide infrastructure and protection that will allow business continuity, availability and redundancy even during an emergency.The joint venture will meet the most stringent standard, Tier-4, to ensure functional continuity at the highest levels. This project is an important milestone in the two companies’ commitment to innovation, which is a response to technological needs on the country’s defense front. CEO of IAI Boaz Levy: “IAI invests heavily in the research and development of pioneering technological solutions, which are especially adapted to the unique needs of the defense system. Our investment in this project reflects our broad commitment to maintaining the extensive knowledge and experience we have accumulated, as well as to strengthening the technological capabilities of the system.”


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