TTF students make a costume worn by Aloy, the protagonist of Horizon Forbidden West

A big sequel to the hit Horizon Zero Dawn – Horizon Forbidden West was released in February, in which the main character Aloy had to restore balance to the Earth threatened with death.

Students of the Zagreb Faculty of Textile Technology also showed their love for the importance of nature conservation, when they decided to make a replica of Aloe’s costume from sustainable and environmentally friendly materials. This week they showed off a finished costume that faithfully depicts everything Aloy needs to save the world.

They made the costume Tena Omerović, Ivana Škaper, Valentina Ferenčak i Nikolina Tufekčić, graduate students of Industrial Clothing Design within the course Clothing Design, under the mentorship of an assistant Frank Karin i Associate Professor dr. sc. Irene Šabarićhead of the Department of Textile and Clothing Design, while Associate Professor dr. sc. Slavica Bogović was in charge of 3D printing. The whole project was created in collaboration with PlayStation Croatia.

‘Obviously gaming has been equated with other forms of culture and entertainment’

Aloy’s costume is worn Selma Imamagić, graduate student of the Department of Clothing Engineering. Protective equipment, which is an integral part of the costume, was also present.

– We have been cooperating with the film industry and Croatian theaters for years, so the cooperation with PlayStation Croatia was something completely natural. It is obvious that gaming has become equal to other forms of culture and entertainment and our faculty has decided to accept the trend and introduce new educational opportunities – said the project manager, Professor Irena Sabaric on the eve of the project.

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