Peugeot reinvents the steering wheel in the Inception concept

At the Parisian technology show VivaTech Peugeot unveiled its new concept car, Inception. This futuristic vehicle stands out for its sporty curves and its elegant look reminiscent of a racing car. One of the most striking features of the Inception concept is the use of innovative materials. The bumpers, for example, are made from recycled fabrics, glued and compacted, demonstrating the commitment to sustainability. But the innovation doesn’t stop there: the interior of the car is described as “revolutionary” by Peugeot itself.

One of the most interesting innovations concerns the Hypersquare steering wheel. Instead of the classic steering, Peugeot has introduced a touch surface inspired by the world of tablets and gaming, similar to that of Tesla’s Cybertruck. According to Peugeot, in the future it will no longer be necessary to turn the steering wheel completely: cars can be maneuvered with the fingertips. This innovative system includes both tactile and physical controls, positioned in the four round holes in the throttle. Inception also promises impressive technical performance: it is equipped with a battery that should guarantee a range of 800 kilometers. Furthermore, ultra-fast charging will allow you to recover 100 kilometers of autonomy in just 3 minutes, making charging stops quick and efficient.

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