Why is cell phone RAM important?

Cell phones They are part of everyday life because with them you can perform a multitude of functions. Locate us with GPS to give us a route to go from one place to another; manage bank accounts; carry out procedures and, of course, interact on social networks.

But downloading many apps and managing images, audio files and documents increasingly require more space on the device.

It can be said, broadly speaking, that it is a type of memory that is very necessary for the phone to works correctly.

This memory stores the instructions and data of the apps that are being used at any given time. In this way, the larger it is, the phone can run more apps without slowing down.

The importance of this memory is indisputable. But not everyone needs the same one, because this depends on the use that is given to the phone.

Why is cell phone RAM important?

The Virtual RAM function that some cell phones have allows a part of the internal storage memory to be used as RAM memory. Photo: Clarín.

The RAM (Random Access Memory) It is a memory that devices use to store temporary data and perform several tasks at the same time, explains the portal. Xataka.

Unlike storage memory, which stores information permanently, its use is related, especially, to the application management.

This way, “a larger RAM will have a demonstrable effect: greater performance and speed of the phone”, warns this site specialized in technology and the digital world. This happens because when the user runs an app, the necessary data is loaded into RAM. So, if the mobile phone has little RAM, especially when run multiple apps at the same timeit will run slowly.

In this sense, the “multitasking” capacity is where RAM takes center stage. With enough RAM, the user will be able to switch between apps fluidly, without slowdowns or blocking. A essential utility for those who listen to music or the radio, answer emails and browse the web at the same time.

Of course, not all people use their mobile phone the same way and the amount of GB of RAM needed will depend on it. For example, someone who only uses messaging apps, such as WhatsApp, and social networks, such as Instagram, will be satisfied with a 2 or 3 GB device of RAM.

If is one game lover and need to edit photos or videos, with apps like Photoshop, the RAM must be double: 4 or 5 GB, at least. For more complicated tasksor for those who depend on the device for almost anything, the minimum is 8 GB, experts warn.

In Argentina there are mobile phones with 12 GB of RAM, such as the Google Pixel 7 Pro or the Samsung Galaxy S 23 Ultra. Photo: REUTERS/Roselle Chen.

Although when buying a new phone, RAM appears among the main requirements (perhaps one of the easiest to check for users without much computer knowledge), it should be noted that it is also important to check the storage, processor and battery, in addition to the loading speed.

Some mobiles available in Argentina with 12 GB of RAMthat is, with an amount that will allow efficient use are: Google Pixel 7 Pro ($ 1.250.000); Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra ($ 1.654.000) y Sony Xperia 1V ($ 2.211.300).

If the budget is tight, one option is to buy a mobile with less RAM and expand the memory. “As its name indicates, it is a setting that allows us to “expand” the memory of our phone, in some cases up to an extra 12 GB (if the mobile phone has 12 GB, it is easy to go up to 24 GB), indicates one of the Xataka experts. However, he warns that it may affect the lifespan of some components of the device.

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