Bennett and Gates agreed on the establishment of a joint working group on innovation in the field of climate change

Bennett and Gates met during the UN conference in Glasgow, and discussed the importance of harnessing the business sector and the high-tech industry to the global fight against the climate crisis • Karin Elharar also attended the meeting • Earlier today Boris Johnson apologized for the accessibility issues at the conference

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett met (Tuesday) with Bill Gates at the UN Conference on Climate Change. The two decided to establish a joint working group for the State of Israel and the Gates Foundation on climate change innovation. Energy Minister Karin Elharar also attended the meeting.

After Bennett announced on the UN stage yesterday that he would strive to make Israel a leader in the field of technological solutions to the climate crisis, today Bennett and Gates discussed the importance of harnessing the business sector in general, and the high-tech industry in particular, to fight the global climate crisis. “I think it’s time we channeled our national energy, the energy of the people and their brainpower to fight climate change,” Bennett said.

Prime Minister Bennett said he would work to remove barriers in Israel in this area and noted that the country is working for regional cooperation with its neighbors in the field of energy and water, saying “Countries in our region have a lot of space but also water shortages. We have no space, Israel is a very small country The ability to produce energy that produces water. ”

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has apologized to Minister Karin Elharar

Energy Minister Karin Elharar joined a number of prime ministerial meetings today after being denied entry to the UN climate conference yesterday due to accessibility issues.

Elharar, who came to the conference for several days, was transported from one entrance to another for two hours, and was finally asked to board a shuttle that was not accessible to her. Due to accessibility issues, she was forced to stay out of the conference halls, miss Bennett’s speech and miss a number of meetings scheduled for her with her worldwide counterparts. Although the conference website claimed to be an accessible conference, other people with disabilities encountered accessibility issues at the most important climate conference held in recent years.

For the British, the conference organizers, this is a big embarrassment. After the incident, Bennett announced that he was unacceptable, and talked about it with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The two decided that Minister Elharar would join their meeting. At the King’s meeting today, Johnson apologized to Elharar.

During the evening, the energy minister responded to an incident that caused great embarrassment to the British, tweeting on her Twitter page: “I traveled to the International Climate Conference to promote a joint fight in the climate crisis through meetings with my counterparts around the world. Unfortunately this was not possible due to an accessibility problem, which in 2021 no longer has a place. I sincerely hope that the lessons from this day will be learned so that tomorrow the promotion of green energies, the removal of barriers and energy efficiency will be the things I will deal with. “

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