Florida | Tragedy in the Jewish community: 74-year-old Gerry worked as a driver – and was murdered
A tragic story shocks the Jewish community in Florida: the body of Gary Levin was found near the place where he was last seen • The suspicion: he was murdered by a passenger who picked him up, a prisoner released for violent and property offenses • Gerry’s daughter: “He would not have disappeared without informing his partner , they had dinner plans that day”

Tragedy in Florida: Gary Levin, a 74-year-old Jewish shuttle driver, was murdered after being kidnapped during his work. The local police estimate that Gerry was kidnapped during the trip by a violent passenger he picked up as part of his work – who ended up murdering him.

The family of Gary  from the city of Palm Beach Gardens, reported his absence to the police on Monday, after he disappeared in the course of his work. Tonight (between Saturday and Sunday), his body was found. Police found his remains in Okeechobee County, where he was last seen.

His family informed the police that he disappeared after picking up some passengers in service settings Lyft where he works – a competing service to Uber. His daughter Lindsey spoke to the media, raising many question marks about his disappearance: “There’s no way he would pick someone up in Miami and drive all the way to Okeechobee without letting his partner know. They had dinner plans that day, but he never came home.

Local media reported that Levin’s killer is Matthew Flores, a 35-year-old released prisoner who previously served time for property and violence offenses. The local sheriff reported that he was arrested by the police at the end of a chase.

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