Nicolás Maduro suspended his trip to the Dominican Republic due to covid-19

It was confirmed by its vice president Delcy Rodríguez. His place at the top was taken by Foreign Minister Yván Gil.

The participation of Nicolás Maduro in the Ibero-American Summit had generated some expectation, but finally The president of Venezuela had to cancel his trip to the Dominican Republic after testing positive for covid-19.

As reported this Saturday by his vice president, Delcy Rodríguez, Maduro was informed on Friday night by his doctors of “a positive result” in a PCR test.

“This led to the suspension of his participation in the Ibero-American Summit,” added the official, who said that this Saturday two new tests were carried out “with negative results.”

“Everything indicates that it was a false positive”Rodríguez specified through his Twitter account.

On Friday, at the inauguration of the Ibero-American Summit, the master of ceremony announced that Maduro would attend the plenary session of heads of state and government this Saturday.

The Venezuelan chair was occupied by Foreign Minister Yván Gil during the debate this morning.

Maduro met in Caracas on Friday with the president of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, in a meeting of which no details were disclosed.

In total, 14 heads of state and government are present at the meeting. One of the great absentees is the Brazilian Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, a great promoter of regional integration, who begins a tour of China this weekend. Nor did the Mexican Andrés Manuel López Obrador or the Nicaraguan Daniel Ortega travel to the Dominican Republic, who do not usually go to these events.

Boric asked not to be silent in the face of Ortega’s repression in Nicaragua

Chilean President Gabriel Boric intensified this Saturday with his criticism of the Nicaraguan government and affirmed that it is not acceptable to remain silent in the face of the “family dictatorship” of Daniel Ortega and his wife and vice president Rosario Murillo.

During his speech at the twenty-eighth edition of the Ibero-American Summit, which is taking place in Santo Domingo, Boric took the opportunity to reiterate the criticism against the Ortega government and the repressive measures that it has applied in recent months against Nicaraguan opponents.

“Ortega does not seem to know that the homeland is carried in his soul and blood, and it is not removed by decree,” said the Chilean president, condemning the decision made in February by Nicaragua to strip 316 opponents of their nationality. “It is not acceptable for us to remain silent before the family dictatorship of Ortega and Murillo.”

Ortega was one of the eight rulers who did not attend the Ibero-American Summit. On his behalf, Nicaraguan Foreign Minister Denis Moncada arrived in Santo Domingo on Saturday. The Associated Press asked officials from the Dominican Republic Ministry of Foreign Affairs to confirm if Moncada was present at the event where Boric spoke, but they indicated that they had no information in this regard.

Among the 316 Nicaraguans stripped of their nationality are seven former presidential hopefuls released as part of the 222 “political prisoners” exiled on February 9, as well as 94 opponents, mostly exiles, such as the writers Sergio Ramírez and Gioconda Belli. , former Sandinista commanders Dora María Téllez and Luis Carrión, as well as 22 journalists.

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