Historian Latinka Perovic said today that she joined the Civic Democratic Forum (GDF) because it provides an opportunity for “serious” democratic discussion on Serbia’s strategic issues.

“These are competent people who have been following all these things (the relationship between Serbia and its neighbors, Europe and the world) for years. In our situation, where there is no debate and where public speech is below the allowed minimum, I consider GDF an oasis that primarily exchanges opinions and improves him, “said Perovic, who is also part of the GDF’s political council.

As she claims, the way of thinking in Serbia is in a “deep crisis”, and the most important debate in society is.

“Not to mention how we think about our neighbors, Europe and the world. I think that the GDF advocates a liberal idea that moves where it is in question, and that was decisive for me to support that initiative,” said Latinka Perović.

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