Israel presents new truce offer, asks mediators to pressure Hamas

The Israeli delegation sent to Cairo to try to negotiate a new ceasefire in the Gaza Strip has already concluded meetings and will return to Israel, according to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office, which has called on mediators to put pressure on Hamas. for them to accept it.

It has been an “intense round of negotiations” in which representatives of the Intelligence services and the Israeli Army have participated. “In the framework of these talks, under the useful Egyptian mediation, the (Israeli) mediators have formulated an updated proposal for Hamas,” reads the official note.

Now, the Israeli authorities hope for some type of “vigorous action” that will allow progress, despite the fact that the latest attempts at dialogue have ended in failure. The parties have not been able to agree on any new agreement such as the one that facilitated the release of hostages held by Hamas in November in exchange for the release of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails.

“The State of Israel will continue to make all necessary efforts to achieve the release of the Hamas hostages and their return to Israel,” Netanyahu’s office emphasizes.

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