Rio Tinto announced today that the security guarding its property in the Jadra Valley, where it is investigating the jadarite deposit, is working in accordance with the regulations.

The company responded to requests from citizens’ associations to withdraw security, which they said was “patrolling rural roads in the Jadra Valley”, to prevent further spread of the conflict.
“Security is engaged to carry out activities in full compliance with the Law on Private Security, which provides for both the way of securing private property and moving at a certain time between several mutually separated places / facilities (patrolling),” Rio Tinto said in a statement.

As explained, moving at limited (low) speeds is a requirement of Rio Tinto “so as not to disturb the locals and to preserve the already dilapidated or unpaved rural roads.”

The company Rio Tinto pointed out that it has been operating in Serbia for twenty years, respecting all its regulations.

“Rio Tint and the Jadar project have been running a ruthless campaign for months based on the constant repetition of misinformation and worst-case scenarios that are not based on facts, but are the product of arbitrary interpretation by their authors. The result of this campaign is yesterday’s attack on Rio Tinto employees and partner companies. on the Jadar project “, it is stated in the company announcement.

Rio Tinto, as it was pointed out, voluntarily buys land and facilities from the locals.

“Voluntarily means that the locals who want to sell the property ask for an estimate themselves, and only after that they receive an offer. By the beginning of June this year, 60 offers for the purchase of houses in the Jadra Valley were accepted.” he has a legal and every other right “, stated the company that is investigating the jadarite site in the vicinity of Loznica.

According to the representatives of Rio Tinto, in yesterday’s attacks, not a single resident of the Jadra Valley who opposes the project was injured, nor did any of the locals need medical help.

“In contrast, employees working on the Jadar project were examined for injuries at the Loznica Emergency Center, where they were provided with assistance,” the company said, reiterating all forms of violence and calling on the authorities to do so in any such situation. exception react.

An appeal was made that a dialogue based exclusively on facts be conducted on the topic of the Jadar project, as well as that the opinions and activities of individuals be based on facts instead of passion.

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