Media: Greece is trying to poach Israeli high-tech companies by offering them tax breaks

The journalist of radio station 103 FM and the newspaper “Maariv” Ben Kaspit published in his microblog Twitter a message according to which a group of heads of Israeli high-tech companies of various sizes are secretly negotiating with the government of a country located near Israel for tax breaks in exchange for moving their companies to this country.

With reference to one of the participants in the negotiations, Kaspita said that it was about preparing an organized translation with the creation of infrastructure, the settlement of logistics issues and very low taxes.

According to the source, negotiations are being held at the highest level and are at an advanced stage.

Ben Kaspit said that he received from the source information about the negotiations, which he undertook not to publish. However, ITV Channel 12 soon reported that Caspit’s material was about Greece, and that the negotiations were discussing “removal baskets” for workers and their families, providing regular convenient flights to Israel and creating targeted technology parks.

After that, The Marker reported that two more European countries came out with similar offers to Israeli high-tech companies.

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