Restoration of honor for internal combustion engines? The EU is currently working on an exception for synthetic power sources

The EU Commission is currently drafting an exception to the law on the complete ban on combustion engines. The law change proposed by the commission would allow the use of internal combustion engines running on synthetic fuel liquids even after the deadline of 2035, reports news agency Reuters.

The purpose of the commission is to find a solution to the dispute regarding the back limit of the complete ban on combustion engines.

According to Reuters, the commission is planning a completely new vehicle category for the EU, which would be powered by synthetic and carbon-neutral fuels.

Strict policies

According to the draft, the technology installed in vehicles must ensure that they can only use carbon-neutral fuels. Engines should not run on fossil fuels.

According to the proposal, this would be ensured with a system that would prevent the car from starting if fossil fuel was refueled. The proposal could open the possibility for car manufacturers to produce internal combustion engines even after the deadline set for 2035.

The complete ban on combustion engines was no longer without a formal seal, when Germany decided not to accept it for good just a few days before the final vote. Germany got Italy and several Eastern European countries as partners.

A complete reversal made with chalk lines led to the cancellation of the entire vote and the freezing of the law for the foreseeable future.

The automotive industry is skeptical

The core message of the German Ministry of Transport is that the sale of combustion engine cars running on synthetic fuels should be accepted even after the deadline of 2035. The ministry said it would seek a solution together with the commission.

“We are looking for a quick, but at the same time binding and sustainable solution. We are investigating the situation carefully,” said the spokesperson of the ministry.

According to some sources, internal combustion engines running solely on synthetics are considered a problematic solution by the German automotive industry, as it would require the development of a completely new type of engine.

“Discussions ongoing”

German Minister of Transport Volker Wissing did not want to reject the Commission’s counter-proposal outright. Instead, he called for improvements to it.

According to some information, an agreement would be sought as early as Thursday, the news agency Reuters reports.

A spokesperson for the commission refused to comment on the situation. However, he repeated the responsibility of the EU’s climate policy Frans Timmermansin a statement according to which the solution must be in line with the 2035 law pushing the back limit.

“Discussions with the Commission and the German authorities are currently underway,” the Commission spokesperson stated.

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