Shenzhen-Beijing., In a race for content, sectors ranging from entertainment services to commerce are using artificial intelligence to lower costs and generate greater interaction with their products. In China there are businesses that have an avatar 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to interact with customers and make a permanent evaluation of their merchandise; There are also traditional television production companies that have focused on generating audiovisual products using generative technologies, it was presented during Compass 2024 by the technology firm Huawei.

Among the cases cited as a reference for the incorporation of technologies for content generation is that of Mango TV, an entertainment platform with more than 60 million subscribers. A television network founded in 2006, the company has specialized in the production and distribution of long online videos, including movies, television series, music, cartoons, among others.

The platform of streaming It is among the top 100 Internet companies in China. Provides OTT services (over the top, transmission of audio, video and other content on the Internet), even venturing into 3D productions, which can be viewed from personal devices that have the technology to be consumed. Their productions include programs that may have human presenters interacting with virtual ones.


Part of the proposal that seeks to position itself in entertainment is the use of AI to generate actors, presenters and even animation from human performance, at low costs.

during the conference New opportunities for media transformation and innovation powered by cloud and AITaylor Lu, vice president of Huawei Cloud Media Services, highlighted that the incorporation of AI makes more efficient and productive, less expensive the production of content.

For example, for animation, instead of artists they can use actors on a green screen for a scene, a background for the content is added and the AI ​​generates the animated illustration. The other side is also presented, human models that serve as a basis for actors generated only by artificial intelligence. An issue that, apart from regulation, is already present, even in 2023, it generated a stir in Hollywood as part of the negotiations of the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Radio and Television Artists.

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