In the accounts of Marc, an air traffic controller at 4,500 euros: “I live comfortably, but the work is tiring”

For him, as for “the vast majority” of his colleagues, Marc* chose his profession out of “passion”. A “particular affinity with aeronautics”, he specifies. The thirty-year-old says he did not become an air traffic controller for the salary prospects, but the pressure, technicality and elitism of his profession nevertheless guarantee him a comfortable income.

Marc has been working as an air traffic controller – the more lyrical name for air traffic controllers – since he was 20 years old. Before arriving at this popular position occupied by nearly 4,000 people in France, the southerner passed a scientific baccalaureate, then spent two years in preparatory classes for the grandes écoles, specifically a PCSI training (physics, chemistry and sciences). of the engineer).

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