Now Le Gammeltoft puts into words why she is leaving Heartbeats
Le Gammeltoft is past on Heartbeats. Photo: Thomas Lekfeldt / Ritzau Scanpix

Earlier on Thursday, Ekstra Bladet was able to describe that Le Gammeltoft left Heartbeats with immediate effect.

To Ekstra Bladet, Aller Media’s communications department confirmed that Le Gammeltoft had chosen to resign.

It has not been possible for Ekstra Bladet to get a comment from Le Gammeltoft, but in a post on LinkedIn she now tells more about her decision.

‘When I started Heartbeats seven years ago, it was to create a medium that would do away with the industry’s old business models, support dependencies and platforms that are always based on text. We have succeeded, and we achieved my goal of creating a sustainable business when we created a positive result last financial year, ‘she writes.

She goes on to say that she now wants to take on new challenges. What that entails, however, she does not elaborate.

‘Therefore, it is now time for me to seek new challenges. I thank all the talented employees and investors I have had the pleasure of working with and I am grateful that they have bought into and backed up my vision to that extent ‘, she writes in the post, where she also says’ thank you for the journey ‘.

Le Gammeltoft founded Heartbeats in 2014. Photo: Valdemar Ren
Le Gammeltoft founded Heartbeats in 2014. Photo: Valdemar Ren

Partner finished
Le Gammeltoft is not the only one who on Thursday has chosen to say goodbye and thank you to Heartbeats. Office director for Heartbeats Studio Peter Stenbæk is also leaving the media

He states this in an email to Journalisten.

‘As a wingman for Le Gammeltoft, the adventure is also over for me’, he writes in an email to the media.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Stenbæk has been employed in the position since November. On social media, he has also put into words the decision to stop.

‘I have not regretted for a second that I threw myself into the Heartbeats adventure. As a wingman for her here (Le Gammeltoft, ed.), The adventure is also over for me. It will be a summer with reflection time, gardening and tons of TrineKys, ‘he writes in a post.

In 2019, the media house Aller bought into Heartbeats.

Le Gammeltoft continued as CEO and according to the public company register still owns between 20 and 25 percent of the company, while Aller Media owns the rest.

What will happen to Le Gammeltoft’s share of the company, it has not been possible for Ekstra Bladet to get an answer yet.

Heartbeats was founded by Gammeltoft as a pure radio channel that went on the air in February 2014. Since then, the medium has mainly focused on producing podcasts.

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