Boiling: Selena Gomez bombing a bikini
We are closely following 28-year-old Selena Gomez, who has grown up before our eyes since her close relationship with Justin Bieber. Now the star has shared a hysterical photo in a bikini – and has overwhelmed fans

Selena Gomez has long been not only Justin Bieber’s ex, and in recent years she has focused on herself as a talented singer, gifted creator and now – also a designer. When the star launched her new swimwear line, she shared behind-the-scenes photos – and managed to stun us.

Selena was photographed in the dressing room mirror, just before she was photographed with the new swimwear she sells under her brand. The star took a classic look selfie with a tiny bikini in purple and red only, well-oxidized hair and light green nail polish on her fingers- Gomez, who is not often photographed in a bikini, dropped the burnt fans’ jaws to the floor – and we too joined the cheats.

About a year ago we told you that Selena was caught in a classic insulation block, with a white grandpa’s tank top devoid of a bra and makeup.The beautiful star walked towards her car, melting us with a stunning natural sight.

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