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Janet Jackson opens up a bit in the make-up documentary series, which, however, serves as a superficial portrait

The trailer for ‘Janet Jackson’, which is directed by Benjamin Hirsch and partly produced by the main character.

Control is a watchword for Janet Jackson.

The singer’s ‘evil and strict’ father controlled her upbringing, but she took control of the breakthrough album ‘Control’.

Since then, Jackson was controlled by her second husband, René Elizondo Jr., and at the age of 55, she is now trying to control her legacy with the documentary series ‘Janet Jackson’.

The result is suspicious in continuation of the many dubious portrait films of recent years with, for example, Taylor Swift, Madonna and Lukas Graham, who all immediately present an unvarnished insight into the entertainers’ lives, but there is never any doubt that the main character has retouched all the ugliness.

Of course, apart from a few glances behind the mask, which must imagine giving the otherwise self-glorifying product credibility.

Intimate home video
Jackson never loses control during the series’ four times 45 minutes, but as the Americanized and uncontroversial portrait, the documentary works.

The extremely shy entertainer has always kept his privacy a secret, and fans will undoubtedly revel in the intimate and unprecedented home footage that shows a more innocent and relaxed side of Jackson.

Exceptionally, she is open about her horrible teenage marriage to drug addict James DeBarge, but otherwise she fails to dive deep into her eventful life, and the breast scandal during the Super Bowl she easily gets over.

We do not get the naked truth. Maybe the half-naked.

As the youngest of a sibling group of ten, she has always stood in the shadow of Michael Jackson. She will always be the little sister, and the best she could hope for was to become a pop princess in the realm of the pop king.

Janet tells sporadically and peripherally about their complicated relationships, family bullying and jealousy, which we had to deal with a sect that has something to hide.

The documentary is dedicated to the clan’s pedophile-accused superstar and father. He got banged well with work discipline and ambition into the kids, and even Miss Jackson can not hide that she was hurt by it.

Filmen gør meget ud af Janet Jacksons succeser, men knap så meget ud af hendes flop. Foto: C More
The film makes a lot out of Janet Jackson’s successes, but hardly as much out of her flop. Photo: C More

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