Helle Thorning.Schmidt’s one child is the front page of one of the UK’s largest newspapers
Helle Thorning-Schmidt’s one child is the front page of one of the UK’s largest newspapers, the Daily Mail, after they intercepted the two-month-old news that her child has changed his name to Milo and will in future be addressed ‘he’

It’s been a few months since we at home were told that Camilla became Milo and ‘she’ became ‘he’. Now the British media has also discovered it. Here is Milo with mom for the premiere of ‘House of Gucci’ last year. Photo: Anthon Unger

– We’re just so proud of him.

So says former leader of the Labor Party in Britain Lord Neil Kinnock.

He is the father-in-law of former Prime Minister of Denmark Helle Thorning-Schmidt, and the person he is talking about is Milo – Helle’s 22-year-old child, which she has with her husband Stephen Kinnock.

A few months ago, it emerged at home that Helle Thorning-Schmidt’s 22-year-old child, who is non-binary and does not define himself as a boy or a girl, but had so far been named Camilla, wanted to change his pronoun and in future will be addressed as ‘he’ , just as he now bears the name Milo.

They have now picked it up in the UK, and the grandfather has thus spoken to the Daily Mail about the grandson’s decision, which made Milo Kinnock the front page article on the website on Sunday.

– Milo is a beloved grandson with a wonderful personality and a strong, mature judgment. We are a very close family who appreciate him and wish him all the best, says Neil Kinnock to the newspaper.

Requires courage
Also father, the 52-year-old MP Stephen Kinnock, who is the ‘shadow immigration minister’ of the opposition, speaks out.

– It really takes courage to take on the journey that Milo has been on, and by talking about it so publicly, he has helped many others who have similar things to tumble with, to be able to talk openly about it with their family and friends’, says Stephen Kinnock.

Helle Thorning-Schmidt does not participate in the article, but is content to ‘speak out’ on her Instagram profile, where she has posted a screenshot of the Daily Mail article in a story.

‘So @dailymail picked up Milo’s story. So proud of our lovely @milokinnock, ‘the former prime minister writes thus.

Translated: ‘Daily Maily has taken up Milo’s story. So proud of our wonderful Milo Kinnock. ‘

It was in DR1’s news cavalcade ‘The year that passed’ that Milo Kinnock initially unveiled that he will in future be addressed as ‘he’ and called Milo.

Stephen Kinnick and Helle Thorning-Schmidt have another child, the daughter Johanne, who is so-called pansexual – a person who is attracted to all genders, especially characterized by a potential aesthetic attraction, romantic love and / or sexual desire for everyone, including people, that does not fit into the binary male / female gender representations.

Ekstra Bladet has contacted Helle Thorning-Schmidt for a comment.

‘I do not have much more to add,’ she writes in a message.

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