Momix is a great illusionary dance

At the Folies Bergère in Paris, the legendary group of dancers, acrobats, and illusionists makes a one-of-a-kind European stopover. A nefarious display that piques the interest of the viewer.

Who could resist a little levity and a large breath of fresh air in these terrible times in Ukraine? This is what Alice has to offer, a spectacle in which you have to flee as soon as possible. The eyes and the heart are delighted by this pure pleasure with no pretension or meaning. There is a strong wind of liberty and euphoria blowing there, which will not surprise Moses Pendleton fans. The choreographer demonstrates his amazing talent once more. He has no equal in his ensemble, Momix, when it comes to combining technical brilliance and ingenuity.

Momix, the worthy heiress of Pilobolus, an American academic troupe founded in 1971, has landed in Connecticut. She perfected her formula there, a blend of dance, gymnastics, and wit, in the spirit of Alwin Nikolas’ spectacular work, of which she is not unworthy. Alice is a succession of highly distinct numbers that follow one another with as much fluidity as rhythm, thanks to a collaborative effort between the choreographer and the dancers-illusionists. She succeeds in her wager: she will never stop surprising us, making us laugh, amusing us, and astonish us.

Occasionally, with next to nothing. As in this artwork with blue balloons that is both athletic and surreal, or these red skirts that have been transformed into streetlights, or even these mirrors that multiply the figures and their actions. We’re intrigued: where does this group go in search of these ideas and discoveries? So much creativity keeps us in a waking dream — a good-doing fairyland. Momix will only make one trip in Europe, in Paris, where it will perform approximately ten times.

Until April 10th, Folies Bergere is open to the public.

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