After her controversial positions on the attack of October 7, the arrival of Judith Butler at the Center Pompidou in question

Many voices are being raised in the face of the “invitation” launched by the Museum of Modern Art in Paris to the pioneer of gender theory who described the Hamas terrorist attack as an “act of armed resistance”.

On Sunday March 3, the philosopher Judith Butler estimated that the terrorist attack perpetrated by Hamas on October 7, 2023, was in her eyes “an uprising…and an act of armed resistance”. Faced with this position which had caused a real outcry, the 67-year-old intellectual was forced to reconsider her thoughts, referring to a text published in the journal AOC in which she condemned the “terrifying and revolting massacre” committed by the terrorist organization on October 7 in Israel.

But the damage was done and many indignant voices did not understand that the presence of the pioneer of gender theory was announced at the Center Pompidou as part of a debate-meeting, from April 24 to 28. On X, Rachel Kahn revolted against the possible arrival of the professor from the University of Berkeley, author in particular of the essay Gender Trouble: Feminism and the Subversion of Identity.

The anger of Rachel Kahn, whose mission to Candidate Macron in 2021 was to supervise a think tank on “immigration, integration and secularism”in a certain way extends the decision of the mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo, in December, to cancel a conference “against anti-Semitism, its exploitation and for revolutionary peace in Palestine”, where the participation of the American essayist was announced. In her denouncing tweet, Rachel Kahn did not fail to note that Judith Butler was a “a friend” of the Center Pompidou.

On the Center Pompidou website, Judith Butler’s participation in the conference at the end of April has not yet been confirmed. Questioned by us, the Center Pompidou specifies that it is in the process of precisely defining the program for the event from April 24 to 28 to which Judith Butler is invited. “It is not a meeting with the philosopher but a program combining meetings, performances and projections, bringing together around thirty French and international guests, the press service tells us. Judith Butler has at this stage not confirmed her continued presence.”

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