‘Paradise Hotel’ couple Oliver Erngart and Anna Seneca have split up.

It writes Anna Seneca on Instagram.

‘I’m going to find myself again. To get to know myself anew. As a woman and as a single mother. But most importantly, I have to forgive myself for accepting painful things too many times – things that should not be accepted in my world at all. To lose myself because love made me blind and naive, ‘writes Anna Seneca on Instagram.

Earlier this year, stories abounded that Oliver Erngart had been unfaithful to Anna Seneca. They became parents to their first child, Mio, almost a year ago.

Lies, infidelity and failure
The couple has not elaborated on the alleged infidelity, but she admits in her post that it has been important.

‘In order not to listen to the infinite number of signals my body has screamed at me. To become a completely different, unpleasant and unrecognizable person that I would rather not be known by – because I stayed too long in lies, infidelity and failure. I can look back and regret that I did not act differently – but I get nothing out of it, ‘she writes.

Divorced as friends
Despite the failure, Anna Seneca stresses that the couple are parting ways as friends.

‘In addition, we do not part with hatred. But on the other hand with the most precious friendship – namely parenthood. And I appreciate that inhumanly much. Because even though I feel hurt and bare, I will always have a special bond with Oliver. He will always be the father of my first child. And we will always be connected to each other, for the rest of our lives, ‘she writes.

Ekstra Bladet has tried to get a comment from Oliver Erngart to hear his interpretation, but he writes that he does not want to comment. He also briefly confirms the breach on Instagram.

‘Anna and I are not together anymore‚Ķ we are separated as friends and good parents, but yes.’

To be shared about Mio
Anna Seneca tells Ekstra Bladet that the breach has been underway for some time.

– It has been a long time coming, it is not something I have only decided now. It has been decided since it all started, she says, referring to the stories of infidelity that have flourished.

– If Mio had not been there, it would have been much easier for me. Then I had thrown him on the street. But we have Mio, and I do not just have to think about myself, so I have had a lot of focus on how I show Mio respect in this situation, says Anna Seneca.

She says she has been through a tough period, but that things are starting to brighten up now.

– I’m not sad anymore and I feel I have become much lighter with the weight that has been removed from my shoulders, as she says.

– What are you doing with Mio?

– Oliver moves in with a friend, and then he has to find a job, and Mio has to start in the nursery. Once those things are in place, we intend to run into a seven-seven scheme pretty quickly. We have enjoyed him just as much since he was born, where we have both worked at home. That’s why I do not think he should only see his father every other weekend, even though it will be like that in the beginning until we have fallen into place, she says.

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