“The Voice”: under 18, Alphonse wins the thirteenth season

They were not just two for a title (like at the same time, on France 2, Olympique Lyonnais and Paris Saint-Germain who were competing to win the Coupe de France). To resist football, TF1 had seen the big picture: not four apprentice singers but five who fought this Saturday, May 25, live, to be designated “The Most Beautiful Voice” during the grand finale of the thirteenth season of “ The Voice”, the headline news show.

As a warm-up round, Baptiste Sartoria, Alphonse, Gabriel Lobao, Iris and Shanys all participate in a medley with singer Soprano. For those who are not part of “The Voice family”, these are the respective flocks of Vianney, Zazie, Mika, Bigflo & Oli and even Camille Lellouche, who, for her first as coach, recovered several eliminated of his comrades in a parallel competition “The Voice Comeback”.

“What a finale! Which season ! » At the end of the festival of colors on “Roule” by the Marseille rapper, Nikos Aliagas, in a purple tuxedo, welcomes everyone with a torrent of superlatives. And remember the simple rule: they will all perform solo, as well as in duet with a confirmed “star” (Lara Fabian, Marc Lavoine, Santa, Loreen and Nemo, the last two Eurovision winners).


Throughout the show, viewers vote via premium SMS messages. Their two favorites will compete in a final face-to-face during which they will sing their first singles, completely new, written by their coach, which will be released on streaming platforms at the end of the program.

“You’ve never been on stage before. You just had your mom for audience”

We start with Vianney’s foal, Baptiste Sartoria, the one who left his business school in Montreal to try his luck in Paris. Not very original, the double of Amaury Vassili, both for the baritone voice and for the long hair, chooses “The Black Eagle” by Barbara, which must have been sung 3,500 times in telecrochets. Vianney salutes the performance of the student in the semi-transparent frilled shirt.

“You’ve never been on stage before. You just had your mom for audience. Your voice trembles sometimes… Is that shameful? No, you have the right to be there! », says, under the spell, the singer, who could have been a lawyer in another life. As it will be an hour later when Baptiste will perform, in a more confident manner, “Salted Popcorn” in piano voice with Santa and a cascade of golden party favors.


After Gabriel Lobao sang with Nemo, his song “The Code” with which the eccentric Swiss performer has just won Eurovision, Shannys covers “Hurt” by Christina Aguilera. We get nicely bored during this performance which she performs on a large pink catwalk. A little too wise, without brilliance. “Shannys has an incredible journey. She comes from far away. She always surprises me. I admire him. She reminds me of Slimane. There is no reason why she should not win tonight,” applauds Camille Lellouche.

The duets follow one another. Iris sings “Tattoo” with Loreen, “a huge artist, a huge singer,” says Nikos. “He’s doing his shopping, Dad! », he continues to criticize Big Flo, who proposed a collaboration with the Swedish singer. Aliagas sends a tape recorded by Slimane and pays tribute to Kendji Girac, who has just made the headlines after being shot in his caravan at the end of April. “Get well my friend, we miss you, we hope to see you back home soon!” »

“Honestly, you deserve to win”

Alphonse talks about his Baccalaureate, which he takes in two weeks, and continues with a duet with Marc Lavoine on “Eyes revolver”. Shannys, a hairdresser in the city, is “honored” to slip into the role of Maurane for Maurane’s “You are my other”…

The superlatives still rain when Gabriel Lobao appears solo for “Who Wants to Live Forever” by Queen. The young resident of London, who has worked in musicals, performs vocally in this song which combines lyricism and rock. Clearly, he is far above the other classmates in his class. Too bad he too often goes into high notes that even Freddie Mercury didn’t dare to sing that high.

His footbridge refuses to go down and the choir around him only offers a few very small notes. Whatever Mika salutes Gabriel’s “extraordinary talent”, which “gave him goosebumps”. “Honestly, you deserve to win,” said the star. And we agree with him.

“Boris Vian, on television, in prime time, in 2024. It’s possible, it’s The Voice », congratulates Nikos for welcoming Alphonse’s solo. At not yet 18 years old, he shows undeniable acting talents on “J’suis snob”. But his notes are accurate, which is really not the case with everything we’ve heard so far. It ends under a cloud of confetti. “What happens is joy. He chose to make us laugh and let go. You might think it’s easy because it was done very well (…). You have everything of a great performer and a great singer,” rejoices Zazie.


Iris closes the ball with “As usual”. Unexpected to see there, the one who replaces Adnaé who had to give up at short notice in the final to give birth to a happy event. Time for revenge, then, on a risky song that begins slowly with piano vocals. It’s better when the orchestra joins her, but it’s not revolutionary and completely wrong… “She gave everything,” concludes Nikos. Big Flo and Oli are standing: “She goes very last, she breaks everything, it was incredible”.

“Your hands are shaking, Dad!” »

It is 11:22 p.m., the bailiff Mr. Simonin brings the envelope with the two names of the “super-finalists” who will compete in a few seconds. “It was extremely tight,” reveals the head of the front page. It will be a 100% male final since Alphonse and Baptiste Sartoria are chosen. Nikos multiplies praise and compliments for those rejected: “This show is a success. Everything is open for you, that’s all I wish for you in any case.”

Baptiste Sartoria opens the ball with “My dream”, an unpublished piece written by his mentor Vianney, whose choruses in the bass frame the chorus in the treble. The young man has tears in his eyes. “What a wonderful song! Your hands are shaking, Dad! », breathes the host.

Alphonse continues with the catchy “À tous les coups”, not written by Zazie, since he refused the title proposed by his muse. Not sure that these two pieces are as big hits as those of Pierre Garnier, the last winner of “Star Ac”…

At 11:55 p.m., after much furnishing and prolonging the suspense, Nikos reveals that Aurélien Vivos’ successor is… Alphonse, elected with 53% of the public vote! This is Zazie’s fourth victory since joining this show in 2015.

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