Emilia Mernes reappears after rumors about her health and talks about Duki's supposed pregnancy

Emilia Mernes published several videos on Instagram Stories on May 23, after suspending several concerts due to health problems. The singer decided to address her followers to talk about her condition. In addition, she responded to the rumors that had arisen, which suggested that the girlfriend of Duki I was pregnant.

The Argentine explained: “I had acute gastroenteritis very strong. They recommended me to rest so I could recover and feel good again.” He apologized to his fans: “I want to ask for your forgiveness from the bottom of my heart because I feel like I failed them, but I really had no other choice and I needed to rest. My whole body hurt, I felt terrible… Lately I’ve been dealing with a lot of things, with the ‘tour’ thing and with a lot of dates, and beyond that, with a lot of personal issues that they revolutionized my feelings. “That affected my health, so I guess the body spoke to me and told me to stop a little.”

“Sometimes things don’t go the way we want or as we expect. For me health comes first and I needed to recover to be able to give you the ‘show’ that you deserve. Now I’m fine now“I’m back with everything and I feel very happy to tell you this,” he declared.

The artist announced that she was already working on rescheduling the dates of the suspended concerts. She also thanked her fans for their patience and messages of concern. She ended up denying the rumors that were circulating on the Internet: “Finally, I’m not pregnantso I appreciate it if you stop assuming that I always am.”

Duki’s message in the face of rumors

Duki He took with humor the speculation about whether he was going to be a father with Emilia Mernes. The musician published a video on Instagram Stories along with a survey to choose the name of your supposed baby. She sought inspiration from two popular fictional characters, one of Dragon Ball and another of Game of Thrones. “My people, I’ve already been thinking about names for the ‘bendi’. If he’s a man, he’s going to be called Gohan and if it is a woman we are going to put it Cersei“he commented wryly.

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