Tragedy in Elad: A four-month-old baby was forgotten in a closed vehicle and died

Tragedy in Elad: A four-month-old baby girl who spent a long time in a closed vehicle on Rashi Street in the city was shirtless in a critical condition, and was eventually pronounced dead at Schneider Hospital.

A 4-month-old baby was taken to the emergency department at the Schneider Center with no signs of life after being found in the vehicle. Unfortunately, despite the efforts of the medical staff, they were forced to determine her death. We share the family’s grief.

Following the incident, Dr. Meirav Moore, a senior physician in the Department of Emergency Medicine at the Schneider Center for Pediatrics, reminds parents to do everything possible to avoid these situations and advises parents to adopt habits that will help prevent the following disaster:

    • Agree in advance with the spouse or other person on a notice that the child has been dropped off at kindergarten or has reached the planned destination.


    • The cellular device or bag should be placed in the seat next to the baby.


    • You can download mobile apps that warn about forgetting a child in the car as soon as you get out of it. The “Child in the Car” reminder can also be activated in the Wise app.


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