Former Director General of the Ministry of Health, Professor Gabi Barbash, Talked tonight (Monday) with Ben Mercury andAryeh Eldad In their program on 103FM radio about the recent eruptions of the corona in Israel, and the unusual events at Ben Gurion Airport. At the beginning of the interview, the former senior official responded to the projector’s remarks Prof. Nachman Ash, And said: “We are not worried, but vigilant.”

Professor Barbash estimated that “the Indian variant is probably different from what was known to date, and is much more contagious.” He added: “We have populations that are exposed to it like children, including those who can or cannot be vaccinated, and adults whose vaccine has not been caught or faded.” The former director general of the Ministry of Health also noted that close to half of the new verified people at Corona are vaccinated people: “This is about 40 percent of the new verified people, and this means that the variant is very contagious.”

The former senior official explained that “at this stage it is not known whether the disease is a result of the decrease in antibodies in the vaccinated or whether it is the Indian variant.” He stressed: “The question arises whether there will be a third injection of the vaccine we have already received or are waiting to see what happens and check whether a vaccine is being developed for the new variant. The issue should not be treated with contempt.”

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“The issue of Ben Gurion Airport and wearing masks should be addressed where there is an outbreak. We kept saying that the plague did not end, it never ends sharply, I hope the variant will not spread too much here “, stressed,” Travelers abroad have a good chance to meet the Indian variant, I would not take unvaccinated children abroad this summer”.

At the end of his speech, the former director general of the Ministry of Health recommended not to give up wearing masks, at least at Ben Gurion Airport and schools: “Masks are the most effective means against transmitting the virus, and I think that at Ben Gurion Airport Masks. I would wear a mask on public transportation even if I was vaccinated. “

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