Frenchman’s dies from vaccination ruled suicide, family left without insurance

In France, the case of a wealthy elderly Parisian businessman who died from an anti-coronavirus vaccine caused a wide public outcry. The man took out a life insurance policy for millions of dollars in favor of his children and grandchildren, but after his death, the insurers refused to pay the due compensation, writes the Unser Mitteleuropa online publication, citing the family’s lawyer.

The insurance company said: since the doctors admitted that the man’s death was due to vaccination, and the contract excluded the use of experimental drugs, including coronavirus vaccines, payments to relatives are not allowed.

The family of the deceased sued the insurers, but lost the case. The judges recognized the man’s death as suicide, which is also not an insured event.

In its verdict, the court stated that “the side effects of the experimental vaccine are made public and the deceased could not have been unaware of the risks when he voluntarily took the vaccine.” The judges also noted that in France there is no law or regulation requiring vaccinations.

The publication noted that this and a similar case in the United States occurred against the backdrop of government coercion to vaccination and infringement of civil rights of people. At the same time, the portal does not indicate which vaccine the deceased businessman was vaccinated with, but reports that the man was a participant in the third phase of drug trials.


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