Doctors' union reminds hospitals: doctors have a duty to treat everyone, including Hamas terrorists

The ethics department of the doctors’ union (Israeli Medical Association, Histadrut Refuit) sent a letter to hospitals reminding them that doctors have a duty to treat patients, even if they are Hamas militants. This was reported by the Mako website.

The letter was addressed to hospital directors and was prompted by a wave of protest demonstrations in various medical institutions when Hamas militants were being treated there. “The ethics rules of the Israeli Medical Association require us to provide medical care during armed conflicts, regardless of the patient’s identity. The only thing that must be taken into account is the patient’s health condition,” the letter says.

The Ethics Department of the trade union organization reminds that this approach is in accordance with international conventions and declarations, as well as Israeli law.

“Therefore, despite the savagery of Hamas’s crimes, we, as doctors, provide them with the necessary assistance to allow the legal system to bring them to justice,” the letter emphasizes.

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